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Service Contracts                                    Click Here for Prices

A service contact gives you peace of mind secure in the knowledge that when you have a problem a qualified engineer is going to sort that problem out within the contract time frame. What you want is good service at a fair price; we aim to offer an exceptional service for that fair price. 

There are 3 different on-site timed responses for contacts. From 8hr guaranteed fix or loan to 5days  fix or loan and of course the standard 8 + 8 hr fix or loan. We pride ourselves on maintaining no matter what it takes a 100% record on these time scales. 

Print heads are not covered by contracts as they are a consumable item. So you may in the past have found that engineers turning up to site having to then return to site at a latter date because they do not have a print head. Our engineers always carry print heads for contract customers which means when they do ad hoc calls they will have a print head to hand as well. 

Contract customers do not have to pay any fitting charges for print heads. We do not believe in charging premiums for cutters as these are a consumable and will be repaired wherever possible under the contract but if the blade becomes worn or damaged the cutter will need to be replaced much like a print head. Rewind and peel units are also not charged a premium except for the Z4 & 6M printers. 

If you have spare cover for your printer you may want a return to base contract, Techpro Solutions can offer this too. 

We can also offer up to 20% discount for multiple printers. 

Ad hoc on-site repairs                            Click Here For Prices

We aim to offer a fast and efficient service for customers who find themselves in trouble. There are 3 types of service. 

Premium Response 

This as the name suggests is a premium ad hoc service with a guaranteed 8 working hr response time, all parts and time over 1hr on site are chargeable. 

Fixed Price 

Again the clue is in the name, this is a fixed price ad hoc service response time is up to 2 working days all parts and labour except for (missing parts on the printer, print heads, cutters, power supplies and main logic boards). 


This is our standard call out rates with labour and parts extra. Normal response time up to 2 working days. 

With these services we hope not to penalise customers who choose not have a contract to heavily. 

We can also offer weekend and out of hours ad hoc calls. Please contact us for details.

Preventative Maintenance                                Click Here for Prices

Zebra printers are very reliable and therefore preventative maintenance can be overlooked. 

If you are producing bar codes for the retail market the bar code quality can be slipping without you realising. A preventative maintenance visit can pick up a drop in quality; we take a verification report of bar codes produced at every visit and can compare and check quality over time. 

Our engineers can advise you on regular user maintenance to prolong printhead life advice on paper path cleaning alignment of sensors and printer settings. Or actually carry out user maintenance on a regular basis if taking a monthly plan. 

Preventative maintenance can be done on an ad hoc basis say just before your busy period or can be done as scheduled visits from once a year up to twelve visits per year. 

Preventative maintenance is not the same as a contract so unless the preventative maintenance visit is built into a contract parts for any repair will be chargeable.

Installations & customer training

Techpro Solutions also offer installation and training for Zebra printers, REA verifiers, WiFi and bar code labeling software.

This is a useful service if you do not have the technical expertise or resources to give your staff what they require. 

Techpro Solutions engineers can carry out these functions for you in a highly efficient manner. We offer 3 levels of installation and training.


A simple installation covers the engineer to be on-site for up to 1Hr, if time is required after this first hour the engineer will call you to gain permission to stay longer. This would be normally enough time to typically install one printer with software, show the operators basic maintenance and a very simple label design.

 1/2 Day

This covers the engineer to be on site for 3.5 hours after which time he would again need authorization from you to stay longer. This would normally be enough time to install a couple of printers and train the operators in printer maintenance and label design on a fairly complicated level specific to their requirements.

 Full day

This covers the engineer to be on site for 1 day, would typically be for more complicated installations with more in-depth training, or possibly a radio site installation but this is normally quoted for separately.

 All training sessions are for a maximum of 4 people at a time